The Correction “The Typist”

Chapter 1:

This chapter addresses a statement to United States legislators and includes references to Donald Trump, guns, bullets, and the concept of kill or be killed.

Chapter 2:

The focus of this chapter is on Matt Gaetz, accusations of him being a pedophile, and criticism of dumb political leadership, including Ted Cruz, Fox News, and claims of a rigged election.

Chapter 3:

This chapter compares the spoiled brat leadership style of Donald Trump with other leaders such as Putin, noting alleged signs of Alzheimer’s disease and paranoia in Putin and mentioning Kim Jong-Un.

Chapter 4:

The chapter references Manson’s Spahn Ranch killers and discusses sentencing the “Termite Wing Media,” possibly implying criticism of media outlets. It also touches on the Capitol gathering and questions what people expected from Trump.

Chapter 5:

This chapter covers topics such as homelessness, the author’s time in LA County Jail, Mexican comedians, music by Suzanne Vega and Offspring, and reflections on jail time.

Chapter 6:

The chapter mentions historical figures like George Washington, President Abraham Lincoln, and President Jefferson Davis of the South.

Chapter 7:

This chapter includes references to women, President John Tyler, the concept of double trouble, and the importance of being nice.

Chapter 8:

Topics in this chapter include climate control in Central America, the “China Virus” (likely referring to COVID-19), and the situation of girls in Afghanistan.

Chapter 9:

This chapter mentions a Trump book, Republicans blaming Joe Biden, false advertising by medicine oil salesmen, and Mitch McConnell’s statement regarding Ashli Babbitt’s life.

Chapter 10:

This chapter lists different songs by X, Romeo Void, No Doubt, John Lennon, and Danny Elfman, categorizing them as either girl or guy tracks.

Chapter 11:

The chapter criticizes Fox News for telecasting hate and includes wisdom from Newt Gingrich.

Chapter 12:

This chapter references magician David Blaine, mentions Adele and Alanis Morissette, and touches on girl rights.

Chapter 13:

Topics in this chapter include Middle East peace and a mention of SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) and the alleged connection to the Capitol incident.

Chapter 14:

This chapter is titled “Corrections” and ends with expressions of gratitude and a note about the author’s trip to Washington, D.C. The author also discusses ongoing work on a second book and references the Jan 6th evidence

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