hozier’s “take me to church”

Hozier, Take me to church (recrafted lyric)

If anyone has an objection about anything I’ve written, take me to court.


Verse 1

Brian Sicknick had a bum heart. Ashli suffered from a gun shot

Trump dances on stages. To his fan base he rages

Tell the murders to congress. They turn their heads they could care less

Kevin McCarthy deals cocaine. Senator Kennedy has no brain

They hide my book The Washington Mafia. Constant crimes they can’t get out of

Cowards attempts to silence me with cruel acts. I am stating known fact

Fox news spread the 6th hate. Dominion settlement’s too late.

The blood stains are on Fox’s hands. The 6th deaths should be Fox’s end


Bridge: (AMEN) Political witch is a bitch. Donald Trump’s a murdering bitch


Take me to court. Tell the judge that I’m living to get, justice for a cop name Brian Sicknick. He’s a man that I’ve never met. Now I’m fighting Trump communist.

Take me to court. Tell the judge that my life is to get, justice for a girl name Ashli Babbitt. She’s a woman I’ve never met. Now I’m fighting Trump terrorist.


Verse 2

I have a year of evidence, 12 months of Trump’s communist.

Graham cries for more cash. His profession’s Trump kiss ass

Sandra Garza lost her best friend. Micky can’t talk with daughter again.

Trump begs for more money. For legal issues with Stormy

Guilfoyle yells in a big room. Her starring roll’s Fatty Boom Boom*

Trump killed our sister and brother. To get what he wants he’ll kill another

Trump and Hawley share attraction. Raise their fists for hard gay action.






*Fatty Boom Boom is a song from the band, Die Antwoord. Kimberly Guilfoyle shouted to an empty CPAC 2021 room, “The best is yet to come.” In the Fatty Boom Boom video, the white hair tourist girl is Kimberly. She goes into the Dentist/Gynecologist office and has ‘the best is yet to come’ taken from her vagina, by a dentist.

Music by Hozier, recrafted lyric by United States Military Ashli & the typist


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