“Fox cable News – Dictation of Hate”

The book touches on several themes, including criticism of Fox News, racism, the Jan 6th Capitol incident, and opinions about former President Donald Trump. The author expresses their belief that Fox News promotes hate speech and racism, specifically referring to a tweet from Laura Ingraham to Mark Meadows that they interpret as evidence of racist sentiments against Black people. They argue that Fox News celebrated the actions of Kyle Rittenhouse in the Kenosha shootings because he carried out what they wanted, insinuating that the network influenced his actions. The author further suggests that the shootings at a grocery market in New York and other racially motivated murders should be seen as products of Fox News and Trump’s influence.

They call for investigations into Fox News as an accessory to murder and assert that anyone listening to Fox News and committing crimes should be held accountable for their actions. The author questions the validity of the judges appointed by Trump and argues that his pardons are not valid, claiming that Trump operated an organized crime family known as the Washington Mafia during his presidency. They also allege that Trump continues to be involved in drug smuggling operations through Texas, implicating Governor Gregg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton. They call for the relinquishment of Trump’s pardons and state that an organized crime boss cannot issue pardons.

The content includes a fictional dialogue between President Trump and Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, speculating on a hypothetical scenario in which Trump walks into the Capitol building and engages in conversations with various individuals. The author suggests that if Trump wanted to stop the transition of power, he could have resorted to outrageous actions like mooning Congress, which they believe would have caused members to leave in disgust. The author criticizes Kevin McCarthy and offers a satirical suggestion for him to relocate to Mongolia.

Regarding the Jan 6th Capitol incident, the author asserts that Trump set up his supporters to commit acts of violence and highlights the potential legal consequences they may face. They argue that Trump and those on stage during the incident should be charged with multiple counts of murder. The author emphasizes the need for letters to be written to the FBI and Attorney General Merrick Garland, calling for charges and arrests related to the Capitol incident and the Washington Mafia. They also advocate for voting against politicians backed by Trump and for the halting of the Trump border wall.

The content concludes with discussions on Doctor Anthony Fauci, expressing the belief that Trump cannot tolerate intelligent individuals and therefore seeks to discredit Fauci. It also includes a personal note about attending a band performance and concludes with a dream for a future without violence, calling for everyone to be authors of a book that will advocate for peace and be read in the year 2680.

In summary, the content consists of critical viewpoints on Fox News, racism, the Jan 6th Capitol incident, and President Trump, while also expressing the author’s aspirations for a peaceful future.

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