The new Domestic Terrorism

What is happening is a mind controlling of people. This is the most dangerous thing anyone could have done to them. Mind controlling by terrorist is very dangerous because the people being affected are unaware, they are under a mind controlling spell. I began noticing the mental change with my friends around June 2022. It began with Officer Nadal from the Signal Hill Police Department. Nadal and his police friends tried to sneak up on me and enter my house. I was gone on that day. He tried again. I looked out the window. I wouldn’t let him in my house. I told him I would speak with him when I hired a lawyer. Since that time, I’ve been unable to hire a lawyer. I’m still trying to hire a lawyer. I spoke with lawyers that will take my money. Then they make up excuses why they won’t work for me. This is in my book: Donald Trump’s Koward Kommunist Kunts.

I tried many different ways to advertise my political book, The Washington Mafia. The book is PG rated. The Long Beach newspaper, the beachcomber, was the only newspaper that I could get into to place an ad. The Downey Patriot is the second newspaper that would let me place an ad.

The mind controlling of people affects my family and friends. I can’t talk about my book. I’m hated by everyone. I’m afraid of speaking with the police about this. I tried talking with the Washington DC Capitol Police, twice. The Signal Hill Police Department are terrorist. I told the Signal Hill City Council about their police. They did nothing. The Signal Hill City Council are terrorist. All the lawyers that have been mind controlled, turn their backs on me. Everyone that has been affected by this mind control won’t, or can’t, talk to me about my book. Once you’re affected, or infected, it’s terminal. It’s very dangerous. I have evidence since April 2022 of what I’m writing here about. I have tried every day to contact higher law enforcement to help me with this. I’m asking everyone reading here to get me the California Attorney General Rob Bonta and every higher-level law enforcement. This communism, and terrorism, are real. It has to be exposed. It has to be stopped. It is very dangerous to everyone.

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