Donald Trump stated, “It’s okay that celebrities grab woman’s ‘private area.”  No, it’s not. Donald Trump sexually assaulted a woman in a department store dressing room. In a ‘dressing room’ is evidence of a serial rapist.

The rule of law states, ‘Don’t touch the girl’. The girl is the shopper. It is what a girl does. I believe it is hereditary from the planet Venus. When you see a girl and you are interested in her, you stand down and wait. In all cases, the girl shops for you. If the girl does not pick you, you remain a can of soup on a grocery store shelf. The best thing you can do is to wait for the next shopper to come along. You might want to pursue the first girl. You could move to a new store, change your packaging, or discount yourself. Discounting is easy. First, buy the girl diamond earrings. Girls like to accessorize. Compliment the earrings with a diamond necklace. A diamond bracelet is another accessory. Of course, this could set you back $60 grand, and it does not permit you to touch the girl. The best protocol is to wait until the next shopper comes along.

Another good rule to follow with the girl is don’t tell her you use ‘Total T’ by Nugenix. This is a product promoted by ‘doctor’ Frank Thomas, the X baseball player. Total T is supposed to give you nuclear nuts. I don’t believe any female would think that nuclear nuts is an attractive characteristic in a man. In the commercial, Frank Thomas states, “She’ll like it too.” That statement could only be true if the complimentary bottle comes with a $500 Louis Vuitton handbag.

On Jan 6th, Donald Trump stood on a stage with 12 others, I titled them the Capitol Killer 12, and directed angry people to go to the Capitol and fight to save our country. The stage show was an organized event. The event was to commit a crime. Jan 6th was an organized crime by the organized crime organizer, Donald Trump. If Jan 6th was a Micheal Corleone event, or a Tony Soprano event, or a John Gotti event, those guys would be in prison for life. Brian Sicknick’s death is, according to medical reports, caused by Jan 6th. The medical report states Brian died of a heart attack from the chaos on Jan 6th. Ashli Babbitt was shot while trying to climb through a doorway. Both deaths are caused by the people that stood on the stage directing the angry people to enter the Capitol. Donald Trump and the Capitol Killer 12 rehearsed what they were going to say. The stage show was set up with the opening act, several intermediate acts, and the headliner, Donald Trump. The event was a kill and be killed event to keep Trump’s paycheck and the other incompetent employees* he hired. Donald Trump and the Capitol Killer 12 shall be charged with the first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder on Brian Sicknick. They shall be charged with first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder on Ashli Babbitt.


*The average pay for a White House employee is $155,000 per year. With the perks of working in the White House, Trump’s employees made around $1 million for Trump’s 4-year term. That’s great pay for a person that is qualified to make around $35,000 per year. Many of Trump’s employees made much more than $1 million. Don Jr and Eric Trump now live in mansions.

‘That’s Trump’ is a great song with bad vocals.

The definition of racketeering is using political influence to get out of a crime. Matt Gaetz, with regards to his sex trafficking charge said, “I have the backing of Marjorie Taylor Greene and President Donald Trump.” Matt Gaetz sex trafficking charge has been dropped.

South Dakota Governor Kristie Noem. Kristie Noem doubles as a National Infectious Health doctor. July 2021 at the CPAC Kristie said, “Dr Fauci is wrong a lot. Joe Biden is destroying this country.” I’m a visual person. I pictured Joe Biden as a giant lizard crushing buildings in New York City. Jodzilla Biden. Kristie Noem recently said, “Old white men are not the only NRA. I am NRA. I bought my 2-year-old granddaughter a rifle and handgun.” I am Peter Gazerro, an electrician. I’ve done lots of repairs from people tripping electrical circuit breakers. I know that Governor Kristie Noem is a mental breaker tripper. Siemens Company is a superior electrical switchgear company. With the quality of Siemens breakers and Kristie Noem continuously tripping her breakers, and resetting her breakers, I would recommend Kristie Noem be a spokeswoman for the Siemens Company. Kristie could stand aside a commercial standup unit and say, “No matter how you spell it, Siemens is great stuff.”