The Washington Mafia :

The Washington Mafia is a book that discusses various controversial topics related to the Trump administration and American politics. The chapters touch on different aspects, such as media bias (Chapter 2 – “The Termite Wing Media, Fox News”), allegations of Trump’s involvement in the Capitol incident (Chapter 2 – “The Capitol people Trump Directed”), and the role of Congressman Kevin McCarthy (Chapter 3 – “Congressman Kevin ‘Chicken-Ass-Man’ McCarthy”).

Chapter 3 also highlights Trump’s White House employees, known as the “Yes Men,” who are portrayed as loyal supporters of the former president. The chapter also mentions Senator Lindsay Graham’s alleged role as a lobbyist for himself.

Chapter 4, titled “My Thoughts,” delves into various subjects, including reflections on Donald Trump’s wisdom, criticism of the Republican Party’s leadership, and lighter topics like pole watching and specific Congressional members such as Greene, Gaetz, and Boebert. The chapter also touches on the COVID-19 vaccine.

Chapter 5 focuses on the Trump Border Wall, suggesting that it could be exploited by drug smugglers. It implies the involvement of various entities, including the Washington Mafia, Congress, Senate, judges, attorney generals, and Governor Gregg Abbott.

Chapter 6 introduces Senator Paul Rand as an antagonist to United States employees, alongside South Dakota Governor Kristie Noem. The chapter also mentions the potential candidacy of Mike Pence for president, the issue of transgender athletes, the Kenosha killer Kyle Rittenhouse, and the events of January 6th, 2021 (referred to as Tourist Day). It briefly touches on other topics like polls and the phrase “Don’t Say Gay?”

Chapter 7 mentions Amy Klobuchar, President Joe Biden, the California election, new music, and draws comparisons between Trump, Putin, and Manson. It suggests a solution to dealing with Putin and mentions humor from Texas comedians.

The book concludes with “Final Thoughts,” “Previews,” and references to Capitol Killer 12 and Stop the Steal organizer Ali Alexander, raising questions about their potential compensation with taxpayer money. It also mentions President Donald Trump’s employees, referred to as the “yes men.”

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