The west coast Pol Pot Deuce terror cell is the Signal Hill Police Department and the Signal Hill City Hall. They know the Trump border wall is being used for drug smuggling via the border wall truck traffic. (Chapter 5 in The Washington Mafia). I would have to believe the Signal Hill city council is taking a cut of the cocaine money by Speaker of the House, California Congressman Kevin McCarthy (Chapter 3 Chicken-ass-man). March 20, 2023, I gave the city council updated books to remind them Trump’s protest would lead to death. The Signal Hill city council hasn’t done anything. October 11, 2022, I spoke at the Signal Hill city council meeting to tell everyone there about the Signal Hill police, including Office Nadal, are domestic terrorist. The new terrorism is ‘mind controlling’ of unsuspecting, innocent people. This terror is very dangerous because the people don’t know that they are in some kind of a ‘spell’. I gave a list of people that the SHPD ‘spelled’ to the city council. I told them that “mind controlling on a woman is worse than sexual assault. You got to do something about it.” The Signal Hill city council did nothing. The Signal Hill city council and Signal Hill police department is Donald Trump’s west coast Khmer Rouge.

Trump’s Khmer Rouge has control of the United States Postal Service, Federal Express, and the United Parcel Service. My mail or email doesn’t get to the destination. My phones are hacked. I can’t place an ad in any newspaper or magazine. Trump’s communist follows me everywhere to talk about me. Trump’s Khmer Rouge have to silence me because of all the heinous communist crimes they’ve committed against me and to protect Trump’s drug smuggling via the border wall truck traffic.

United States Military Ashli’s typist

Peter Gazerro

CA driver’s license N8153969



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