The Washington Mafia

The Washington Mafia is a book that discusses various controversial topics related to the Trump administration and American politics. The chapters touch on different aspects, such as media bias (Chapter 2 – “The Termite Wing Media, Fox News”), allegations of Trump’s involvement in the Capitol incident (Chapter 2 – “The Capitol people Trump Directed”), and the role of Congressman Kevin McCarthy (Chapter 3 – “Congressman Kevin ‘Chicken-Ass-Man’ McCarthy”).

The Correction “The Typist”

Chapter 1:
This chapter addresses a statement to United States legislators and includes references to Donald Trump, guns, bullets, and the concept of kill or be killed.

Chapter 2:
The focus of this chapter is on Matt Gaetz, accusations of him being a pedophile, and criticism of dumb political leadership, including Ted Cruz, Fox News, and claims of a rigged election.

Fox cable News – Dictation of Hate

The book touches on several themes, including criticism of Fox News, racism, the Jan 6th Capitol incident, and opinions about former President Donald Trump. The author expresses their belief that Fox News promotes hate speech and racism, specifically referring to a tweet from Laura Ingraham to Mark Meadows that they interpret as evidence of racist sentiments against Black people. They argue that Fox News celebrated the actions of Kyle Rittenhouse in the Kenosha shootings because he carried out what they wanted, insinuating that the network influenced his actions. The author further suggests that the shootings at a grocery market in New York and other racially motivated murders should be seen as products of Fox News and Trump’s influence.

Donald Trump’s Koward Kommunist Kunts

The book titled Donald Trump’s Koward Kommunist Kunts to Get Justice for Brian Sicknick & Ashli Babbitt” is a personal account of the author’s experiences and grievances with individuals they perceive as being part of Donald Trump’s KKK (Koward Kommunist Kunts). The author highlights specific incidents and encounters with various people, including city council members, attorneys, postal service employees, and law enforcement personnel.

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introduction about us

I am Peter Gazerro. I am an electrician. When I saw Laura Ingraham interviewing a person that spoke with Ashli Babbitt at the chaos on Jan 6th. Ashli was shot and died. I thought to myself, ‘The audacity of that Fox TV anchor to raise her ratings by speaking with people that SHE incited. Fox cable News is a main reason Jan 6th happened. Fox cable News does a ‘television hypnoses’ to its audience. I was angered. I cleared my calendar the day before the Super Bowl 2/12/2022. At 7am I took out my laptop and began typing about Laura. I used Alanis Morrissette’s song, Ironic, to make my point.

Little miss TV Fox sent a girl to die. She had her family on air and pretended to cry. When the cameras rolled back, she saw her ratings went high. Isn’t she pathetic. Don’t you think?

Sean Hannity’s pay is what I’m reaching for. I don’t care what happened on the Capital floor. Trump killed a cop, but don’t tell the law. My angle is only ratings.

About the Author:

Peter Gezerro stands as a celebrated novelist, celebrated for his ability to fuse the ordinary with the extraordinary. His writing reflects the transformative power of literature, demonstrating that even in the midst of seemingly mundane occupations, brilliance and creativity can spark. Peter’s novels serve as a testament to the notion that anyone, regardless of their background, can shape worlds and ignite imaginations with the power of words

Book 1, ' The Washington Mafia '

‘Trump’s drug smuggling cartel Via the border wall truck traffic

‘Trump’s control of the congress, senate, and judges = organized crime

‘Fox cable News = termite wing media

‘Congressman Kevin McCarthy = Chicken-ass-man

‘Capitol Killer 12 = people on the 1-6 stage

‘Trump excuses‘

’Kayleigh McEnany, SD Governor Kristi Noem,

‘SC senator Lindsay Graham, Rand Paul

‘Covid Vaccine with Newt Gingrich

‘Kyle ‘the Kenosha Killer’ Rittenhouse

‘The Jan 6th Tourist Day with Beavis and Butthead The Rock, Kaitlin Jenner

Book 2, The Correction ' The Typist'

The Correction I Hate Bullets. Non-Fatal Shot Shooters

Mitch McConnell, Newt Gingrich

Congressman Matt ‘the pedophile’ Gaetz

Kim Jung-Un, Putin’s Alzheimer

Kill and be Killed method of the spoiled brat leaders

The China Virus, Afghanistan Girls The Spahn Ranch Killers

The Texas political Comedians My time in Jail, SCOTUS and the Cop Killer

Double Trouble with Snoop, Martin, and John

Rewritten Lyrics plus: Offspring, Suzanne Vega, Queen, Romeo Void, No Doubt, X, Danny Elfman, John Lennon, Enola Gay Adele’s boyfriend’s error, Alanis Morrisette’s phone rings Electrician Notes

What should have happened, and What should happen in Book 3, “Fox cable News – Dictation of Hate” 

Book 3, "Fox cable News – Dictation of Hate"

Fox Cable News

Dictation of Hate, preaching racism

Jan 6th 2021, Laura Ingraham tweet to Mark Meadows,

“This is hurting all of us.” Lambasting Trump’s actions, “He is destroying his legacy and playing into every stereotype. We lose all credibility against the BLM/Antifa crowd if things go south.”

Book 4. Donald Trump’s Koward Kommunist Kunts

Book 4.
My first year of fighting Donald Trump’s Koward Kommunist Kunts to get


Donald Trump’s cowardly communist cunts are many. The following are some of the problems I’ve had with Donald Trump’s KKK.