Donald Trump’s border wall is a drug smuggling operation

Congressman Kevin McCarthy, Texas governor Gregg Abbott, and Texas Attorney general Ken Paxton are Trump’s main drug smugglers.

Because they are in Donald Trump’s criminal empire, Roger Stone, Steve Bannon, Mike Flynn, Mark Meadows, Steve Miller. With all the wacky people that the republican party has in congress, Kevin McCarthy attacked congressman Madison Cawthorn for talking about cocaine orgies in Washington DC. That earned McCarthy the name Cocaine Kevin McCarthy. I have to believe that Gregg Abbott’s migrant buses have migrants and Trump drugs driven into the United States.

The following are some of the drug traffickers residing in the United States:

Judge Lydia Liberio at Long Beach (CA) Courthouse. Attorney Adrian Woodward, Attorney Tom Armstrong, Attorney Dan Cislo, LA, Attorney Jose Rodriquez, Attorney Steve Lopez, Florence Ave Downey CA, the secretaries at 333 W. Broadway suite 200, Long Beach CA, the secretaries at Dixon & Daley, Sante Fe Springs CA. Bradley from Mike Nevin’s campaign for congressman.

Signal Hill City Council (90755); Mayor Keir Jones, vice mayor Tina Hanson, councilmembers, Robert Copeland, Lori Wilson, Edward Wilson. The Signal Hill Police Department. Officer Nadal is the name I have all evidence on, but the whole department are trafficking in Trump’s border wall drugs. The Washington DC Capital Police Department. The officers in the police station on the morning of August 7, 2023. The officers in front of the Capitol on the afternoon of May 14, 2022.

Rachel Hill, and others, from the AD Leaf website social media company. There are other social media sites that are tied to Donald Trump’s international drug cartel.

Newspaper drug traffickers, L.A. Times ad agent Danille Dowrich, Southern California News Group ad agent Sari Montrone. L.A. Focus news person Kisha Smith. Simon Cazeraz, a Keller Williams realty broker, Torance CA. Frank Fraraccio, Cranston Rhode Island. David Pettinato, retired Cranston Fire Chief, 16 Gleason Street, Cranston Rhode Island. WJAR TV, Cranston Rhode Island, The Providence Journal, Providence Rhode Island. Kenneth Sicknick, Milltown NJ, Sandra Garza, Springfield VA. Jay Beeler of ‘the beachcomber’ Long Beach newspaper.

There are many employees at the United States Post Office, the United Parcel Service, Federal Express, and DHL. Alfredo Gonzales at the Paramount CA post office, 90723.

Companies harboring drug traffickers: Chase Bank, Spectrum, Office of the Chief Trial Council in Los Angeles. All State Insurance. Trump’s drug traffickers spoke about me before I arrived at the California Democratic Party at the Los Angeles Convention Center on May 27, 2023.

Definition of ‘racketeering’. Matt Gaetz stood before a national news camera, with regards to his alleged sex trafficking charge, “I have the support of Marjorie Taylor Greene and President Donald Trump.” Racketeering is using political influence to escape a criminal felony charge.

Where are the never Trumper’s and other democrat organizations in the Los Angeles area? Contact them for me, please. I have more people to add above, with contact information.

I am Peter Gazerro, I swear under penalty of political perjury that what is written here is correct.