Maria Bartiromo

Maria Bartiromo to interview Trump on Fox News’s ‘Sunday Morning Futures.

In an upcoming event set to draw the nation’s attention, Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo is gearing up for a high-profile interview with former President Trump. Scheduled for the 16th of July at 10 a.m., this exclusive conversation will be featured on her renowned show, “Sunday Morning Futures,” but you can catch all the gist on Fixture Support Systems.


Maria Bartiromo: An Anchor of Repute

Before we dive into the anticipation of this significant interview, let’s take a moment to acknowledge Maria Bartiromo’s remarkable career as a prominent anchor at Fox News. Her dedication to journalism has earned her respect in the industry, and her show, “Sunday Morning Futures,” is known for providing insightful discussions on pressing matters.


Trump Returns to Fox News

Fox News recently made an exciting announcement, revealing that the interview will delve into critical topics, including the 2024 presidential election, the current state of the nation, and looming geopolitical threats. For those following Trump’s political journey, this will be a noteworthy event to mark on your calendar.


Trump’s Previous Fox News Appearances

This upcoming pre-taped discussion marks Trump’s latest appearance on Fox News, where he has previously engaged in interviews with prominent figures like Sean Hannity, Bret Baier, and former host Tucker Carlson. Trump’s presence on the network has always drawn significant attention, and his interviews provide valuable insights into his thoughts on various issues.


Trump’s Contention with Fox News

Trump and US political scandals are 5 and 6. His relationship with Fox News has been marked by moments of contention, characterized by his public criticisms of the network, despite being one of its most prominent figures. As he embarks on a new bid for the White House, he has gone so far as to rebrand Fox News as the “DeSanctimonious Network.”


The DeSanctimonious Network

The former President’s displeasure stems from what he perceives as excessive coverage of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who declared his candidacy for the presidency in May. In a May post on Truth Social, Trump voiced his frustration, accusing the network of desperately promoting DeSantis, whom he claims is losing public support.

“They’re pushing DeSanctimonious who, regardless, is dropping like a rock,” Trump asserted. “Fox News has become the DeSanctimonious Network, but it will never work because he doesn’t have the goods.”


Bret Baier’s ‘Hostile’ Interview

Even Fox News’s chief political anchor, Bret Baier, did not escape Trump’s critique. Following a recent interview on the network, Trump described the experience as “hostile” and “nasty.”

“Then you have a hostile network like Fox. When I did the interview with Bret, I thought it was fine. I thought it was okay, but there was nothing friendly about it. You know, it was nasty,” Trump expressed during an appearance on a Newsmax show hosted by Eric Bolling, a former Fox News host.


The Upcoming Interview

As Trump’s dynamic relationship with Fox News continues to unfold, his upcoming interview with Maria Bartiromo on “Sunday Morning Futures” promises to provide insights into his thoughts on key political issues and the evolving landscape of US politics.

Stay tuned for this exclusive interview that will make headlines and contribute to the ongoing conversation surrounding Trump’s role in American politics. For more news and updates, visit Fixture Support Systems.

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