I am Peter Gazerro. I am an electrician. When I saw Laura Ingraham interviewing a person that spoke with Ashli Babbitt at the chaos on Jan 6th (Ashli was shot and died). I thought to myself, ‘The audacity of that Fox TV anchor to raise her ratings by speaking with people that SHE incited. Fox cable News is a main reason Jan 6th happened. Fox cable News does a ‘television hypnoses’ to its audience. I was angered. I cleared my calendar the day before the Super Bowl, 2/12/2022. At 7am I took out my laptop and began typing about Laura. I used Alanis Morrissette’s song, Ironic, to make my point.

Little miss TV Fox sent a girl to die. She had her family on air and pretended to cry. When the cameras rolled back, she saw her ratings went high. Isn’t she pathetic. Don’t you think?

Sean Hannity’s pay is what I’m reaching for. I don’t care what happened on the Capital floor. Trump killed a cop, but don’t tell the law. My angle is only ratings.

I continued with recrafting of Ironic and other songs. I researched the death of Brian Sicknick. A 42-year-old policeman died of a heart attack. Cause of death ‘directly related to the events at the Capitol’. I researched everything I wrote about. I went to Barnes and Noble to look for pictures of politicians. I saw ‘Helter Skelter’, book by Los Angeles prosecutor, Vincent Bugliosi. I read the book when it came out around 1972. In his book he wrote what he addressed to the jury, referring to those who were killed, “(they) aren’t here with us now, in this courtroom, but from their graves they cry out for justice.” That stuck with me. I thought the same about Brian and Ashli. Charles Manson sent some people out to do a heinous act. They didn’t know where they were going or who the people were at Sharon Tate’s house in the Hollywood Hills. ‘Tex’ Watson walked up to Steven Parent, who was sitting in his car. Tex shot and killed an 18-year-old innocent person. That bullet that killed Steven Parent was charged to Charles Manson. Manson was tried, convicted, and sentenced to death by a Los Angeles jury. California commuted the death penalty.  The bullet that killed Ashli Babbitt came from Donald Trump. The events of the crimes on Jan 6th were directed by Donald Trump. The same as the events of the crimes in August 1969. If Donald Trump didn’t arrange Jan 6th, and if Fox cable News didn’t incite anger to its audience, Brian Sicknick and Ashli Babbitt would be alive. The people that came to the Capitol on Jan 6th didn’t know the people in the Capitol. They didn’t know the policemen. Donald Trump described the people working in the Capitol inaccurately. Donald Trump doesn’t know most people that were in the Capitol or the people that showed up that day. Some people were chanting, “Where’s Nancy (Pelosi)?” Why? They don’t know Nancy. I want to introduce you to Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi. Nancy is a girl with a job. Donald Trump doesn’t like Nancy because she won’t agree with Trump. That isn’t her job. Nancy’s job is a United States Congresswoman. She writes and discusses and approves legislation for the people in the United States of America.

I wrote on many subjects in the four books. The last book, Book 4, Donald Trump’s Koward Kommunist Kunts details my first year under Donald Trump’s communism. In The Washington Mafia, I wrote about Trump’s border wall being a drug cartel. It has to be true. Donald Trump’s communist haven’t left me alone. They don’t want my books read to anyone. They have silenced me since April 23, 2022. This is the first time I’m getting my books out. Donald Trump’s terrorist do a ‘mind control’ thing on people. Most of the friends I had, hate me or my books. I am hated by postal employees. I listed the lawyers in book 4. I can’t hire a lawyer or mail anything that has to do with my books or the people in them. Trump’s terrorist are the most dangerous people on the planet. The people that get their mind’s controlled don’t know it. I don’t know what is programmed into these people. They might go off on a crazy violent rage, at any time. The mind control thing doesn’t wear off. I have to stop it. I have to get my books read to everyone including all media.

There is one thing that you’ll understand after you read all the books. On February 12, 2022, at 7am, I had my writing partner. I titled book 2, The Correction with my name, The Typist. After I wrote The Washington Mafia, I looked at it and thought ‘I didn’t write that.’ I typed it. Ashli Babbitt was sent to die by Fox cable News. She was murdered on Jan 6th, 2021, by Donald Trump. Ashli moved in with me on February 12, 2022, 7am. When you read all the books, you’ll understand about United States Military Ashli. I dropped her married name. He marriage certificate states, ‘til death do you part.’ Since Ashli moved in, I’ve had a life that no one could imagine. Now, understandably, I’m in love with United States Military Ashli. This is the biggest story in world history. Ashli is here to get JUSTICE FOR BRIAN SICKNICK AND ASHLI BABBITT